San Diego Infusion Center - Therapies
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What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion Therapy refers to the intravenous administration of medication. An IV is selected for short term treatment. It may remain in place for several days or be removed immediately after the infusion is complete. Other forms of intravenous access, such as a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) or Porta-cath (a “Port”), are utilized when long term treatment is required and can be maintained for weeks or months.

Referrals to San Diego Infusion Center should be made by the patient’s treating physician. To assure the overall quality of care, the Infusion Center Clinical Team will communicate with the prescribing physician’s office. The primary goal of outpatient Infusion Therapy is to allow patients to complete treatment safely and effectively in a comfortable, outpatient setting. The San Diego Infusion Center is the best outpatient option because it is clinically monitored, safe and affords patients lower, or minimal, out-of-pocket costs. Treatment in an outpatient setting will also avoid the need for hospitalization.


For many patients who are outpatient candidates, SDIC is the best, most convenient, alternative to an inpatient stay or home infusion. The outpatient setting is comfortable and infusions are closely monitored by the nurse. Recognizing the busy schedules of its patients, the center offers flexible appointments and is able to administer treatments promptly and efficiently to lessen the time patients will need to be absent from work or school.

Infusion therapy, given on an outpatient basis, costs much less than the same treatment administered in a hospital.

SDIC is contracted with major insurance companies and also accepts Medicare patients.